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In a perfect world, your career path would be limited only by your own ambition and abilities. Unfortunately, there are still employers in Sacramento who do not treat their workers fairly. If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment or illegal wage and hour practices, contact the Law Office of Anthony J. Poidmore for high-quality legal representation.

Why We Are The Law Firm For You

Having practiced employment law in California since 1972, including from the employer side, attorney Anthony J. Poidmore thoroughly understands the system, and how the other side thinks. He will listen carefully as you describe your case, and work closely with you so that you are thoroughly prepared for every stage of the process, including going to trial if necessary.

Anthony is a skilled, persistent lawyer who knows how to get relevant evidence from a reluctant employer and present your case at trial. He also has decades of experience negotiating fair settlements for his clients. He will do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve and clear your name of any false accusations made against you.

Experienced In All Aspects Of Employment Law

Our firm has successfully represented thousands of clients in matters such as:

We also provide helpful representation when negotiating noncompete and nondisclosure agreements with your employer and severance packages, and assist with employee counseling.

Put A Stop To Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is a terrible problem that takes many forms. State and federal law prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on your:

Whether you have been denied a job, a promotion or a raise, or been punished by your employer for one of these illegal reasons, our law firm will help you work to be made whole again. This could mean financial compensation, getting your job back or other potential remedies.

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