Illegal Age-Based Employment Practices

A California man had worked for the same Sacramento-area company for many years with a stellar employment record. Days before his pension vested he was called into his employer's office. His services would no longer be needed, he was told. Was the timing just a coincidence or had his employer fired him just to avoid paying the pension?

America's population is shifting. As the Baby Boomers age, they face new challenges in the workplace. Many face age discrimination, as employers take action against them in favor of younger - and more inexpensive - employees.

Age discrimination is illegal. If it has happened to you, you may have recourse under laws like the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Anthony J. Poidmore, an experienced California employment lawyer based in Roseville, may be able to help. Mr. Poidmore has been serving clients throughout the Sacramento area for more than 35 years. He works in areas of the law affecting aging populations, including employment law and elder abuse.

Prior to starting his own law firm, Mr. Poidmore was a senior partner at a large defense litigation firm. For more than ten years, he represented employers and insurance companies. His experience gives him the perspective necessary to successfully face employers in court on employees' behalf.


Employees are protected by both federal and California law from being treated differently just because of their different ages. Age discrimination occurs when employers take illegal actions based on age - both against the young and the aging.

There are many types of age discrimination. Wrongful termination is one of the most serious types of age discrimination. Other forms may include discrimination, harassment, demotion, unwarranted promotions or failure to promote.


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