Sacramento Area Lawyer for Disability Discrimination in Employment

Millions of Americans face the difficulty of overcoming their disabilities every day of their lives. They must build their personal relationships and professional careers despite the physical or mental challenges they face. In recognition of the effort this takes, federal and state laws offer protections for employees with disabilities.

These laws - like the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) - prevent discrimination against workers with medical conditions and disabilities in all aspects of employment. This includes hiring, pay, promotion and firing. They also prohibit employers from retaliating against a person who tries to enforce his or her rights under the law.

Laws provide that employers must offer reasonable accommodations to disabled workers. This may mean providing special adaptive equipment, like works paces that accommodate wheelchairs or special adaptive keyboards. It can also mean that they must allow employees to pursue alternate work schedules.


If your employer has refused to offer you reasonable accommodations for your disability, or discriminated against you based on your disability, attorney Anthony J. Poidmore can help. As an experienced lawyer, Mr. Poidmore has the in-depth knowledge and experience necessary to help clients achieve the best possible results in employment law matters.

Mr. Poidmore also represents clients who have been fired because of their disabilities, helping them to file wrongful termination lawsuits in California courts. He tailors his approach to his clients' goals. Sometimes workers with disabilities want nothing more than their jobs back. Other times, they desire compensation for missed work and the expenses of a new job search.

Most former employees with disabilities want to hold employers accountable for the harm caused. Regardless of your goals, Mr. Poidmore is dedicated to helping you obtain what you deserve under the law.


If disability discrimination has affected your life, talk with an experienced attorney about your options. Contact the law firm of Anthony J. Poidmore, in Roseville, California, by completing an online contact form.


Employment Law Attorney for Executive Severance Matters

A California man thought things were going badly at work. He worried that he might lose his job over a dispute with a senior partner. Anthony J. Poidmore counseled him through severance negotiations, showing him how to conduct his affairs in order to retain his job or to maximize compensation.

Especially in the difficult economic times of this recession, many employees learned to face their worst fear - layoffs caused by corporate downsizing - and turn the experience into an opportunity for career growth.

At the Sacramento-area law office of Anthony J. Poidmore, clients who face job loss gain an experienced lawyer's counsel on severance agreement negotiation. Mr. Poidmore has been practicing law for many years. Throughout his extensive career, he has focused on taking a thorough approach and maximizing results for his clients.


Most people are fearful of a layoff. But the truth is that layoffs, while difficult, can come with a great deal of opportunities. It may be time for a needed career change or an executive severance package that gives you the resources needed to refocus on important things: like your family or a bit of much-needed leisure time.

By handling severance negotiations on your own, you may be giving up these valuable opportunities. Many employers are willing to be flexible in severance negotiations. With some skillful negotiation, they may offer career development opportunities, extended healthcare benefits or other perks in addition to financial compensation.


Employees should also be aware that there is a cost to accepting an executive severance package. Most employers ask that employees who receive these packages waive their right to file a lawsuit later.

If you think that you might be the victim of wrongful termination, age discrimination, disability discrimination or any other illegal employment practices, you may want to consider taking legal action instead. While a severance package means benefits now, a successful settlement or jury verdict could mean a great deal more compensation later. It could also give you the opportunity to hold your employer accountable for unethical and illegal actions taken against you.


If you are being laid off from your job, or think that you might be, talk with attorney Anthony J. Poidmore about executive severance. Contact his law office in Roseville, California, by completing an online contact form.