You May Be Entitled to Missed Overtime Pay

A Sacramento-area man was hired as an "assistant manager" at drug store chain, even though he had no real decision-making authority. He was excited to have the job title and a salary, but as time went on he realized that something was wrong. His status as a salaried employee meant that he was asked to work hours and hours of unpaid overtime. Working evenings and weekends without pay saved his employer thousands of dollars, but he began to wonder: Was he the victim of misclassification of employment status?

Thousands of employees throughout America are victims of misclassification of employment status. They are paid a salary when they really should be paid hourly and receive overtime pay. If you are tired of being run ragged by your employer, you should think of pursuing overtime pay.

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If you choose to take legal action, you may be able to have your employment status changed. You may also be able to collect compensation for past overtime owed. Your similarly situated coworkers may also be entitled to compensation.

Mr. Poidmore has developed a reputation as an aggressive trial attorney, but the decision of whether to settle or go to trial is always yours. If an employer makes a settlement offer, you may choose whether or not to accept it. Mr. Poidmore will offer experienced legal counsel to help you make the right decision.


Many jobs are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a federal labor and employment law that protects employees. Employees who hold these jobs are usually offered certain protections, like being entitled to overtime pay. Some jobs under FLSA, however, are considered "exempt" from protections. These jobs - those classified as professional, executive or managerial - are not entitled to overtime.

If you have been classified as an "exempt" employee and you believe that you really deserve overtime pay, talk with an experienced lawyer about your employment status. Contact the law firm of Anthony J. Poidmore in Roseville, California, by completing an online contact form.