Racial, National Origin And Religious Discrimination

Fighting Discrimination Against Protected Classes in California

Take just one example. A company allows its workers flexible schedules - unless they are Mexican. While workers of other national origins can take long lunches and leave early to pick up their children from day care, the rules are different for only Mexican workers. This isn't fair - and it can be challenged.

Discrimination based on your race, your religion or where your ancestors are from - your national origin - is illegal in California. If you have been discriminated against by an employer, talk with Sacramento-area trial lawyer Anthony J. Poidmore about protecting your rights.

Mr. Poidmore uses years of experience to help California employees seek successful jury verdicts and settlements. Before starting his own law firm, he was a defense lawyer who represented employers and insurance companies. He knows the strategies that employers use to defend cases, and uses this knowledge to help employees build strong cases against them.


Employment law and anti-discrimination statutes - like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - protect discrimination against members of "protected classes." Members of protected classes cannot be discriminated against based on certain characteristics, like race, color or creed.


It can be difficult to tell whether or not you are a victim of discrimination. Sometimes the facts are confusing and employers sometimes lie about the true reasons behind their actions. Anthony Poidmore understands.

If you believe that discrimination occurred, and it was because of the color of your skin, the way that you worship or where your ancestors are from, you may be able to file a successful lawsuit. Talk with an experienced attorney about your options. Contact the law firm of Anthony J. Poidmore in Roseville, California, by completing an online contact form.