Wage and Hour Disputes

When You Are Not Getting the Paychecks You Are Owed

If you are not being paid the money you are owed, talking to a lawyer about filing a wage and hour dispute in a California court is the best way to protect your rights and your pocketbook. Contact Sacramento-area attorney Anthony J. Poidmore if you or someone you care about has become the victim of one of many illegal employment law practices.

Anthony J. Poidmore is an experienced lawyer who places great emphasis on achieving the best possible results for his clients. He uses years of in-depth knowledge and experience as a trial lawyer to achieve these results effectively and efficiently.

Using unlawful and deceptive practices: Many wage and hour disputes stem from unlawful practices like taking improper deductions, failing to give employees access to tips they earned, failing to pay past-due commissions or to pay earned vacation time. Employers also fail to pay wages on time, especially when an employee is fired and all wages are due upon termination.

Unlawful practices often happen to illegal immigrants. If you are in the country illegally and you have a wage and hour dispute, it is okay to talk with a lawyer about your options. Meetings with attorney Anthony J. Poidmore are confidential, and some legal protections do apply to workers who are not legal United States citizens.

Unpaid overtime: Employers often use deceptive time-keeping practices that result in unpaid overtime. They may refuse to give employees meal and rest breaks required by the law, or require them to finish tasks "off the clock" after their shifts end.

Paying female workers less: The Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA) is a part of the Fair Labor Standards Act that prohibits wage discrimination by employers and labor organizations based solely on sex. Anthony J. Poidmore fights this kind of gender discrimination by taking an aggressive and through approach.

Misclassification of employment status: Some of the most common types of wage and hour disputes involve misclassification of employment status. These cases involve workers who are wrongly classified as "exempt" from legal protections that require employers to pay them overtime pay. Employers often do this as a way to cut costs. But this practice forces hard-working employees to endure evenings and weekends of unpaid overtime - time spent at the storeinstead of home with their families.


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