Workplace Injuries

When Personal Injury Occurs in the Office or On the Job Site

An office disagreement escalated to a shouting match. In the heat of the moment, one employee pushed the other. The employee who had been pushed fell off a stool and sustained serious injuries that required surgery. He called attorney Anthony J. Poidmore to take legal action.

Sadly, workplace injuries occur every day in America. While they are not all the result of workplace violence, they do result in serious injuries - injuries like back injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, bruises and concussions.

There is more to workplace injuries than workers' compensation. If you have been hurt at work, you probably have more options than you think. Anthony J. Poidmore is an experienced attorney who can explain your legal options, including the possibility of filing an employment law or personal injury lawsuit.


With an office located in the Sacramento area, in Roseville, California, Mr. Poidmore handles cases involving injured workers who have experienced all types of workplace personal injury:

· Accidents caused by contractors, cleaning people and vendors on the job site

· Accidents caused by dangerous and defective machinery

· Violence due to retaliation for reporting illegal or unethical actions by an employer

· Violence based on race, religion, national origin or sexual status

· Sexual violence, up to and including rape

· Workplace injury after an employer's failure to maintain a safe work environment

Many of the cases Mr. Poidmore handles involve injuries caused by coworkers or by employers themselves. He conducts a thorough investigation. This often involves investigating the scene of the accident, interviewing witnesses and reviewing accident reports. He also researches case law on similar cases, helping you to predict the possible outcomes of your case.


If a legal matter has affected your life, talk with an experienced attorney about your options. Contact the law firm of Anthony J. Poidmore in Roseville, California, by completing an online contact form.