Workplace Violence

Putting a Stop to Workplace Violence Through Legal Action

No employee should ever be afraid for his or her safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, workplace violence happens all the time in many different situations. Sometimes things are allowed to get out of control, and employers fail to protect workers from hostile coworkers. Other times, the violence is used by managers themselves to keep employees in check.

No matter who you are and what your work history, you deserve a safe workplace. And you deserve compensation for harms that happened to you in a work environment that should have been safe. Experienced California trial lawyer Anthony J. Poidmore can help.


For years, Mr. Poidmore has been serving clients throughout the Sacramento area in employment law matters. He is an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer who does not hesitate to litigate workplace violence claims. His thorough case preparation and reputation for successful jury verdicts and settlements helps him negotiate favorable settlements for his clients. If no acceptable settlement can be reached, however, he has the resources necessary to pursue success at trial.

The decision of whether to settle your workplace violence claim or take it to trial is always yours to make. Mr. Poidmore will offer his advice, talking to you about your options and the potential outcomes of your actions so that you can make the right decisions.

As an experienced lawyer, his record of success includes multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements. He has been featured in the media and is known by other attorneys for his track record of success.


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