Filing an Employer Retaliation Lawsuit in California Courts

A Sacramento-area employer fired a woman - not because she participated in an investigation into the sexual harassment of another women - but because the employer was afraid that she might give a statement to investigating attorneys. Although California law had not expressly prohibited the employer's actions, Anthony J. Poidmore argued that the law should have protected the woman. California courts agreed and new law was created.

If you have been retaliated against by an employer, attorney Anthony J. Poidmore may be able to hold your employer accountable. Both federal and California laws offer protection for employees.

This protection does not just include firing or wrongful termination. It includes all types of retaliation, like demotions, failure to promote, stripping of responsibilities, micro managing and creating a hostile work environment.


If any of these have happened to you, talking to Mr. Poidmore can help you understand how the law may apply. Mr. Poidmore can talk with you about possible outcomes and your options. If you decide to retain his services, you can work together to create a strategy for achieving the best possible results in an employer retaliation lawsuit.

He may be able to help you get your job back and compensation for lost wages. If you lost years toward retirement, health benefits or other benefits, you may be entitled to general damages. You may also be entitled to compensation for emotional distress in some circumstances.

Retaliation is illegal when it occurs in certain situations. Employer retaliation just for membership in a protected class, like race, national origin, religion or others, is illegal. So is retaliation for whistleblowing or for refusing to engage in illegal acts. Employers may not retaliate against you for cooperating in an investigation into things like sexual harassment, age discrimination or race discrimination - or for complaining about violations in those areas.


If you know you were mistreated, or you suspect it was illegal employer retaliation, talk with an experienced attorney about your options. Contact the law firm of Anthony J. Poidmore in Roseville, California, by completing an online contact form.